Common Issues with Quartz Countertops

One great way to brighten up the area is to add quartz countertops to your kitchen. The countertops are also durable. Thus, you’ll have a surface that can endure heavy use.

Are you planning to Replace countertop Cincinnati with a quartz countertop? You should understand that there are a lot of issues that can happen during the installation. This includes:

Dents, Scratches, and Other Issues Because of Poor Workmanship

You want the project to be the best if you choose to upgrade your kitchen. However, it isn’t the case always. Dents and scratches are a common indication of a poor job. They occur whenever you hire an inexperienced and cheap contractor.

During the installation, accidents are common. However, you should not accept poor workmanship. If scratch and dent is because of the fault of the installer, you have to ask them to repair it right away.

Countertop Cracks

The countertops will crack whenever there are issues with the cabinets on almost all occasions. This includes the cabinets not being of the same height, and much more.

If this occurs during the process of installation, the countertop contractor needs to repair it as part of their job. However, if the cracks appear after the process, you have to contact them again and ask them to examine the issue and repair it.

Visible Seams

Consider this. You get into your home after the countertop contractor has given you the signal. The color of the countertop is great as it matches the cabinets and the floor. On closer examination, you see an obvious and long seam where the counter pieces connect each other.

You get disappointed since this is not what you want. When you started the project, you wanted your new countertops to be unmarred visually. Thus, whenever there are huge seams, your project is not a success.

Whenever they’re installed poorly, your countertops will have an unsightly seam. Talk with your contractor and agree on how you are going to fix that problem. They may have to get rid of the countertops and install them again. They can also seal the seams so that they can appear unnoticeable.

How to Avoid Issues from Happening?

Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can do to stop the problems from happening. With this, you can save a lot of money and headaches in the future.

A lot of homeowners try to save money by lowering expenses. They do this by hiring the most affordable contractor they find. Low prices and quality do not go together. Thus, you cannot expect amazing services from an affordable contractor.

To lower the possibilities of countertop issues, you need to hire an expert contractor. Though they will charge you a bit more compared to cheap ones, they will professionally install the countertops without any issues.

When hiring a professional, you should pay close attention to people that may try to rip you off. They are most likely ripping you off if they charge you a rate that is extremely low compared to others.